Marbletown ECC Minutes, Thursday, Sept 12, 2013

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ECC Members Present

Annissa Bejaoui , Eric Krieger, Peter Lamerson,, Larry Menkes, Anne Diaz Matos

Town Board Liaison: Doug Adams

Not in attendance

Marcy London

Theresa Halloran

Michelled Campano Sullivan

Guest Presenters

Stuart Greenfield

Matthew Bradford


Agenda Items


1a) Stuart Greenfield– Ulster County Waste Presentation (10 minutes)


Stuart raised several questions with regards to the lack of uniformity in Ulster County transfer stations rules with regards to plastic recyclables, with the County’s seemingly not asking for greater uniformity.  Stuart provided a handout which mentioned UC Local Law 4 of 2010 which states that the County can issue standards rules and regulations regarding preparation and separation of recyclables.  Moreover, the statute calls for towns to place their recycling standards on town web sites and to post them at town transfer stations.  Stuart’s handout provided examples from town web site policies from Marbletown, New Paltz, Olive, Rochester and Rosendale, and his examples showed that some towns had specificity written requirements, permitting a diversity of mixed plastic recyclables, while others only allowed plastic bottles with necks. Stuart also provided an example of a very well written and specific rule set for “co-mingled products” from the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency (UCRRA).  Stuart is requesting to know why there are such differences and whether Marbletown cannot match a best practices standard such as provided by the UCRRA in the Town’s Web Site and in practice at the Town’s Resource Recovery Center.  Discussion and Recommended  Action – Forward to Town Supervisor/Board, along with Stuart’s sheet for further consideration.


1b) Stuart Greenfield Proposal – Reference: eMail to Larry Menkes on September 9 from Stuart proposing that the ECC co-sponsor a presentation with the Marbletown Landowners Association on October 2 at 7 pm at the Marbletown Community Center. Stuart will present a PowerPoint on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  Recommended Action: Due to the lack of time to review the materials and also due to the MLA being a private organization, the ECC declined the invitation to co-sponsor the event, but interested ECC members wanting to learn more about GMOs were invited to attend as private individuals, and possibly7 obtain the PowerPoint and report back to the ECC for future discussions.



2. New ECC Members – Status Report by Larry Menkes

–         Resumes and letters of intent have been received from 3 of 6 candidates.

–         These and any others received will be reviewed at the October meeting.


3. Fracking Law – Update by Larry Menkes.

–         Fracking Law has been passed and local stipulations met.

–         Doug will confirm that it has been filed with the NY Secretary of State.

–         The discussion also mentioned recent news that the NY Court of Appeals will hear an appeal on the Dryden/Middlefield cases, and recent emails on that from Larry, Marcy and David Slottje.


4.  Request for a Town Board resolution that the ECC and Town Historic Commission Review Planning Board Applications Doug/Larry

–         ECC suggested current language to notify ECC within 2 days, and shall be provided with regular updates on items identified by the ECC as of interest.

–         Larry will be sending a draft of suggested wording (see meeting Agenda for original text)


  1. Proposed Thanks Award  for Assistance by Helen & David Slotjje (Peter Lamerson)

– Approved.

– Members suggested that Peter ask local artist Stefan Shirak that he tweak the current version to make use the town seal. Doug  Adams has a high-definition version of the seal that he will send to Jill Obrig’s email.


  1. Update on UC Emarald Ash Borer Task Force – Matthew Bradford


–DEC has Urban Forestry Task Force now has 500K statewide and towns can apply for grants for local efforts.                Best plan would be to contact the local DEC Forester.


Tree Inventories of different types of trees.

Emerald Ash problem remediation.


ECC is interested in inviting DEC Region 3 Forester or Program Coordinator. Annisa is going to contact State             Forester.


–PRISM – Partnership for Invasive Species Management. We are part of the Catskill region (CRISP) is active in         testing 3 species of Wasps  to attack emerald ask borer, and other bio-control insects. Areal infrared to identify          stressed tree areas in Saugerties.


–Inoculations – Expensive, high-value and historic tress. Town of Woodstock has done this. Limited residual            effect.


–Handout Paper: Treatment of Ash in NY for the Emerald Ash Borer – Mark Whitmore, Forest Entomologist,              Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University


The remainder of the agenda was tabled until next meeting. Larry is pursuing NYSERDA to get information on solar power.