Date: October 9, 2013

Chairman: Richard Lanzarone called the meeting to order at 6:30pm at

Town of Marbletown Town Hall, 3775 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY 12484


Richard Lanzarone                           Present

Steve Wood                                       Present

Todd Natale                                      Present

Kathleen Hawk                                Present

Kris Lovelett                                       Present

Sylvia Ricci                                           Absent

Larry Ricci                                            Present

Mary Collins                                       Present


Also Present:

Bonnie Franson                                Present (6:45)

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The Woodman, LLC Site Plan Amendment to change use from Solarium manufacturing to firewood processing/fuel dealer/ Property is located at 2453 Lucas Turnpike in the I-1 zoning district with a tax map number of 69.4-1-58.110. Update: Public Hearing to be continued.





Comment and Discussion During Public Hearing:

Public Name Comment/Question Applicant Response Board Response
Attorney Jim Bacon Indicates that he is representing Ed Katz as well as neighbors in close proximity to Woodman project

-looked through file/agrees with the Board and what they are asking of the Applicant

-he notes that Type one action under SEQRA carries  a potential of environmental impact that triggers in-depth analysis/alternatives/mitigation measures

-notes that 9/6/13 info. That Board sent is critical-amount and type of material that will fire kilns, airborne emission’s, noise issues

-additional questions-how much wood will be required to keep the kilns operating 24/7-whats the maximum number of kilns that could be sited on the property-what would be area impacts from max. number of kilns-what are the constituents of the smoke leaving site with regard to amount of particulate matter PM 10

-spoke to DEC/Woodman project will not be at the level that prompts DEC permitting

-He notes that while it does not permit the DEC to look in to the matter it does not prevent the Board from looking under SEQRA in regard to airborne impacts- He requests that the Board does this

-points out criteria for determining significance includes whether the project is consisting with the Town’s officially adopted plans and does a comprehensive plan

-notes that the comprehensive plan states that uses in the industrial district will only be approved “if the impacts of such uses can be mitigated and avoid additional disturbance to the basic land use patterns, environ., economy and character of the town”

-Notes that the Town’s Zoning code 200-40D provides that no use shall be permitted which shall cause excessive smoke, fumes or atmospheric pollutants beyond the boundaries of the lot where the site use is located.

-prohibited is- excessive noise, any hazard to person/property by reason of fire

-fully supports the Board in hiring an independent expert/satisfied with Sandstone

-would also support examining impacts from airborne pollutants-

-examination of alternate sites

-while the Applicant indicates this is where he wants to be, it suits him economically, but the Board still has the flexibility to have Applicant

consider alternatives-would like the Board to consider

Not PresentNoneBruce-voices his concerns about the proximity of the rail trail to the Woodman operation

-he measured the distance and he is concerned because it is only 100 feetNot PresentNoneAttorney Jim Bacon-requests that the Board leave the Public Hearing open until first time that the Applicant responds to requests and the public gets an opportunity to see what those responses areNot PresentNoneMaveet Tomaso-Asks the Planning Board to clarify the procedure of closing out the application-please explain at what point in time, if no communication and so forth happens, how long does this go until it is no longer active or that this is more or less closed

-thanks the Board for responseNot PresentRich-(In response to question) At such time as the Public Hearing is closed, officially, within 62 days of that date, the Board must make a decision.

-indicates that decision could be to approve or disapprove

-personal guess is that if we do not receive additional information (unclear) Board will disapprove application

-but given the applicant, if he subsequently provides the info. Could reopen the application

Steve-if the Board doesn’t act in 62 days

Rich-if the Board does not act in 62 days he gets default approvalAnn

Cahill-she is a direct neighbor to the proposed operation

-states that she would be as much a direct impact as anyone

-she has concerns, in addition to the noise study, if there has been a date set for that noise study

-if there are other factors that need to be considered that would impact the neighborhood at large, other than the kiln size, are the other issues that need to be considered by the board that would have an impact on her

-questions if the Boards concerns include what would happen to all that vapor in the wintertime when it comes back to earthNot PresentRich- indicates that the Board needs to consider a large range of issues, public safety, which may lead to fire safety, noise, smoke, wetlands, impact on species, plants, animals

-Rich (in response to vapor) states that the Board would have to consider it, there is a wide range of issues, the Board has settled and focused on the noise issue (while there are many other issues) The issue of smoke has been raised, traffic and fire safety –safety of persons that would be on the Rail Trail-states that the kiln is actually 40 feet from the Rail Trail/ these are all issues that need to be considered, there will be traffic but it does not appear to be a big issue-the noise seems to be a real issue


Chairman Lanzarone indicates that he would like to conclude the Public Hearing for the evening and it will be resumed at the next meeting. He goes on to discuss the issue of Central Hudson and the right of way with the proposed Woodman project.  Chairman would like to assign a Board member to take care of this matter by contacting Central Hudson. Members indicate that Mr. Whitehead has been asked for this information on several occasions and has not provided it.


Old Application-

The Marbletown Reformed Church Site Plan Amendment Modification to do a lighting change. The property is located at 3742 Main Street Stone Ridge in an S-R zoning district with a tax map number of 61.20-4-20.


Chairman Lanzarone states that he informed the Board by email about the circumstances surrounding the amendment.  Chairman Lanzarone visited 3742 Main Street to discuss applicants concerns. The applicant questioned if he could use wooden poles instead of the concrete base, metal poles for light fixtures. The Chairman verified that their location and height would stay the same. The applicant said ‘yes’ and Chairman Lanzarone indicated that he did not believe there would be any objections and that he would bring his opinion back to the Board. The Board discusses then agrees. Chairman Lanzarone requests a motion to approve the Site Plan Amendment. Steve Wood makes that motion, Larry Ricci seconds that motion.  The Site Plan Amendment was approved with a vote of seven AYES, zero NAYS, zero ABSTENTIONS and one ABSENT.



Chairman Lanzarone brings to attention a neighbor letter to be discussed regarding parking lot screening at the Marbletown Reformed Church. The Board reviews and discusses the letter. Planner Bonnie Franson indicates that the decision was made that three white spruce would be planted for shield of the parking lot. There were also additional Bayberry trees as well as others for buffer and screening. She will look in to the matter to verify that they did not encroach in areas that were not permitted. Chairman Lanzarone suggests sending a copy of the letter to the Church asking them to respond.




New Application:

Jasinski, John 2 Lot Sub-Division/ had daytime review on June 19, 2013. Need: SEQRA classifications and UCPB referral. Property is located on Aqueduct Way High Falls in an R-1 Zoning District with a tax map number of 70.3-3-31.110.



Applicant Application Location Zoning Dist. SBL Status

John2 Lot Sub DivisionAqueduct WayR-170.3-3-31-110Had daytime review on June 19th 2013

Need :SEQRA classification;

UCPB referral


Mr. Jasinski presents the application and explains that he would like to sub divide his portion that was left to him by his parents in a will. The Board discusses the matter with Bonnie Franson and with Mr. Jasinski. Chairman Lanzarone instructs Mr. Jasinski to meet with the Zoning Board. He also tells him that the Board will be sending him a letter indicating what the next step will be. Bonnie Franson notes that this is an archaeologically sensitive area.










  1. Letter from Brenner RE Marbletown Reformed Church

The Board discussed this letter during the discussion under ‘Old Application’ in the beginning of the meeting.


  1. Letter from Town of Hurley regarding George Jacquemart

The Board discusses the location of the proposed operation.  The Board discusses their concerns and concludes that a letter will be sent to the Town of Hurley stating these concerns.


  1. Approve minutes from 9-11-13 meeting

Rich indicates a correction to be made to the minutes and requests a motion to approve them. Steve Wood makes a motion with that change.  Kathleen Hawk abstains. Todd Natale seconds the motion. The minutes were approved with a vote of seven AYES, zero NAYS, one ABSTENTION and one ABSENT.


  1. Proposal and résumé sent to Chairman Lanzarone from Supervisor regarding lawyer Larry Wolinsky

The Board discusses and reviews the lawyer’s qualifications. The Board agrees that Larry Wolinsky should be added to the list of approved attorneys. A letter will be sent to the Town Board requesting this.


  1. Referral Response letter / Finn

No discussion occurred.






Chairman Lanzarone requests a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kris Lovelett makes the motion. Kathy Hawk seconds that motion. The motion was thereupon adopted by a vote of seven AYES, zero NAYS, zero ABSTENTIONS and one ABSENT. The meeting is adjourned at 8:16 pm.







Respectfully Submitted,


Holly Behnke

Planning Board Secretary