Town of Marbletown Planning Board Official actions taken at meeting held on October 9, 2013 dated October 18, 2013.

Chairman Richard Lanzarone       Present

Mary Collins                                       Present

Steve Wood                                       Present

Sylvia Ricci                                           Absent

Todd Natale                                       Present

Kristopher Lovelett                         Present

Kathleen Hawk                                 Present

Larry Ricci                                            Present


Also Present:

Bonnie Franson- Planner- H2M

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Chairman Lanzarone opened the meeting at 6:34 pm by reading the agenda into the record and calling for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Hearing-


Applicant Application Location Zoning Dist SBL Status
The Woodman LLC Change of Use from Solarium manufacturing to firewood processing/fuel dealer 2453 Lucas Tpke I-1 69.4-1-58.110 Public Hearing




Applicant Ted Whitehead was not present for the Public Hearing.


Official Actions:

No official actions taken.

Old Application-

Applicant Application Location Zoning Dist. SBL Status
Marbletown Reformed


Site Plan amendment


3742 Main Street S-R 61.20-4-20 Lighting change


Applicant was not present for application. The modification was approved. Chairman Lanzarone requests a motion for the approval.

Official Actions:

Moved By: Steve Wood

Seconded By: Larry Ricci

Vote: All Aye

Rich Lanzarone:                Aye

Mary Collins: Aye

Sylvia Ricci: Absent

Todd Natale: Aye

Kris Lovelett: Aye

Kathy Hawk:  Aye


New Application:

Applicant Application Location Zoning Dist. SBL Status
Jasinski ,John 2 Lot Sub Division Aqueduct Way R-1 70.3-3-31-110 Had daytime review on June 19th 2013

Need :SEQRA classification;

UCPB referral


Applicant John Jasinski presented the application. A letter will be sent to the applicant indicating what the next step will be.  No official actions taken.


Action Items: None



1. Letter from Brenner RE Marbletown Reformed Church

Chairman Lanzarone requests that a letter be sent to the church stating the neighbors’                 concerns.

  1. Letter from Town of Hurley regarding Georges Jacquemart

The Board discusses the proposed operation and concludes that a letter will be sent to the Town of Hurley in response to the matter.

  1. Proposal and résumé sent to Chairman Lanzarone from Supervisor regarding  lawyer Larry Wolinsky

The Board discusses and reviews the lawyer’s qualifications and decides to request he be added to the list of approved attorney’s.  A memo will be sent to the Town Board.

  1. Referral Response Letter/ Finn

No discussion occurred.






  1. Approve minutes from 9-11-13 meeting

Chairman Lanzarone requests a motion to approve the minutes with a change.  Steve Wood makes a motion with that change. Kathleen Hawk abstains. Todd Natale seconds that motion. The minutes were thereupon approved by a vote of seven AYES, zero NAYS, one ABSTENTION, and one ABSENT.





Chairman Lanzarone requests a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kris Lovelett makes the motion. Kathy Hawk seconds that motion. The motion was thereupon adopted by a vote of seven AYES, zero NAYS, zero ABSTENTIONS and one ABSENT. The meeting is adjourned at 8:16 pm.


Vote: All Aye

Rich Lanzarone: Aye

Mary Collins :Aye

Steve Wood: Aye

Larry Ricci: Aye

Todd Natale: Aye

Kris Lovelett: Aye

Kathy Hawk: Aye

Sylvia Ricci: Absent



Respectfully Submitted,


Holly Behnke, Planning Board Secretary