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x          Douglas Adams, Town Board Representative

Annissa Bejaoui

Theresa Halloran

x          Eric Krieger

x          Peter Lamerson

x          Marcy London

x          Larry Menkes

x          Anne Diaz Matos

Michelle Campana Sullivan


  1. Prospective New Member Interviews and Vote


Matthew Bradford – 6:45

Paul Digrazia – 7:15



1)      Matthew Bradford 5-0 Vote in favour with Doug also expressing his support for Matt.

2)      Paul Digrazia – A unanimous decision was made to request that Paul attend several meetings, as Matthew had, before a decision is made.


  1. Ulster County and Marbletown Recycling Program


Initiative to get Town to update Website to track UCRRA requirements.

–Tabled due to time constraints.


  1. RUPCO/NYSERDA Green Community Presentation – Tentatively Scheduled for Feb 22 (Anne, Larry)


Larry and Anne booked Michael Coutney, Public Outreach Coordinator for RUPCO will present processes for homeowners to explain the NYSERDA processes and grants. Michael intends to bring NYSERDA home energy contractors who will not be endorsed by the town, RUPCO.  Marcy expressed concerns about unintended consequences of having contractors there. Perhaps if a full list of NYSERDA contractors were provided, questions to ask, etc.  Larry and Anne will contact Mike Courtney to discuss. Larry expects to send slides by email by week’s end.




  1. New Business



Eric is planning to contact the DEC regarding a possible future educational presentation regarding coyotes in town by a DEC subject matter expert.  He recently ran into a good sized coyote while walking alone. Both parties glared at the other and backed off.


Marcy raised a concern about multi-resistant bacteria which cannot be treated by any antibiotics. Marcy noted that according to a recently aired televised documentary she viewed, the popular conception that over-prescription of antibiotics isn’t the only, nor possibly even the primary cause of this problem. According to Marcy, 80% of antibiotics doses administered in the U.S. annually are given to livestock; she also mentioned that laws in some developing countries permit over-the-counter sale of antibiotics.


Peter remarked that his concern with the multiple factors affecting European bee populations–which include pesticide use along with a variety of suspected natural causes– are a similar national and global systemic problem with potentially catastrophic consequences.


Though it is not clear what we can do about national or global problems and policies that could impact our town, Matt Bradford offered this suggestion during his interview: the ECC can express concerns and solicit information from other levels of government when appropriate.