Download minutes here:  091014 MINUTES FINAL APPROVED


Date: September 10, 2014

Time: 7:00 pm

Town of Marbletown Town Hall, 3775 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY 12484


Mary Collins (Alternate) Present
Steve Wood Present
Sylvia Ricci Absent
Todd Natale Present 7:10
Richard Lanzarone (Chairman) Present
Kristopher Lovelett Present
Kathleen Hawk Absent
Larry Ricci Absent

Bonnie Franson of H2M was also present for the meeting.

Chairman Rich Lanzarone opened the meeting at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Chairman Lanzarone changed the order of the agenda.

New Business:

Applicant Application Location Zoning Dist. SBL Status
Anne Bress Sign Application 1 Basten Lane, Kingston R-1 62.3-2-12.110 Submitted app on 8/27/14



Anne Bress-Ferri was present to discuss her sign application.


The Board reviews the pictures of the location and the actual sign in a power point presentation prepared by the applicant.


Applicant Response Board Response Planner Response
-Explains that she has a Special Use Permit for a Bed and Breakfast, Micro-Museum and a small gift shop

-She explains that the location is located on the corner of 209 and Tongore road-both entrances are on 209

Proposing a hand painted sign on wood with a wood frame

-would like to do a low release sculpture of a bear

– to Steve- that works since she prefers a silhouette (disregard the bear in the photo)

-did the design of the sign and decided on blue/ gold color with red shadow

-pressure treated

-Dave Corrigan of the NYS Dept. of Transportation reviewed the plan and issued his approval of the sign

-explains the type of lighting that is proposed

-showed the Board photos of the different views of the sign from specific locations

-applicant understands lighting concerns but originally wants the down lights-changing lighting could obscure the design

-will look at the referenced sign

-confirms size requirements with Planner

-notes that there are conflicting parts of the code (museums can have a large sign)

-to Planner-approved as all 3 uses (previously mentioned)

-do not want to add to safety issues by have a very small sign

-discusses the code with Board/ Planner

-applicant agrees with Steve-she is concerned about people causing an accident trying to read a small sign

-applicant does not understand how it does not conform

-questions the Board if she is allowed to put up a temporary sign

Steve Wood explains to applicant that the bear sculpture would be an issue since there is no representation allowed in signage

Questions applicant if it is stained wood or pressure treated wood around the sign

-Chairman Lanzarone explains to the Board that lights on the ground should not be approved due to maintenance issues and glare

-recommends applicant taking a look at the Key Bank sign-depending on the Boards opinion

-lights that extend from side or top are almost invisible

Steve explains that it is up to the Board to interpret the code

All members do not agree.

(The Board then discusses the code, accessory use and which is actually the accessory use –the museum or gift shop?)

Chairman suggests referring the application to Ray-there are conflicting regulations and, Board is not clear on how to interpret what it says

Steve objects-it is up to the Board to interpret the decision

Rich-Board is not in the business of interpreting the code-if it is nothing ambiguous about it then they can apply it but if there is a question then there is an official to interpret this

Steve- the Boards responsibility is to make sense of the code and to also help local businesses when possible-should endorse the scale of it-believes a smaller sign will not be effective for this but also could cause safety issues

Rich-would like to help this business-must tell applicant that she is entitled to either 15 or 16 sq. foot sign

Rich to Board- “Refer to Ray? Yes or No?”

Each member gives their input on the matter

Kris explains to applicant-could reduce sign size so that the code is irrelevant-if that does not work-or could seek interpretation from Ray (could still have to reduce it) Board can take action based on your decision

Rich-will refer to Ray in a memo to see from his perspective what it should be-applicant will be informed on this

-Applicant can put up a yard sign

Confirms that the code does not allow representation in signage

Explains that the sign size is actually an issue since it is in the R-1 Zoning district

Ground signs cannot exceed 15 feet in total base area/ should be 5×3


Does not include supports/does include the base


Questions applicant as to what exactly they were approved as

Aggregate total base area of 32 sq. feet

References code and discusses her interpretation-certain places fall under exemption but it is conflicting

Planner believes that the application is dealing with the Bed and Breakfast/sign would be 15 sq. feet per sign area

The complication in code is that it does not say sign base

-exceeds size

-questions if there is a decision on file for applicants special use permit

-to applicant- appears that max sign area is 24 sq. feet


Old Business:

Applicant Application Property Location Zoning Dist. TaxMap Number (s) Status
Marbletown Reformed Church Site Plan Approval 3742 & 3750 Main Street, Stone Ridge S-R 61.20-4-20 & 61.20-4-21.100 Board is currently reviewing parking lot screening-follow up visit


Walter Elmore and a Deacon of the church are present for the meeting.

The Board, Planner and Applicant discuss and review the previously approved Site Plan.

A copy is on file in the Planning Office and can be reviewed upon request.

Applicant Response Board Response Planner Response
Was under the impression that the church was in compliance with what needed to be done

Mr. Elmore did not agree with the choice of seed/was done by volunteers/does not believe they are experiencing erosion

Thinks the church is fine but they are a year behind where they wished to be

Guide rails will be there by fall

They exceed DOT for parking areas/they are based to stop certain weight/does not believe this is necessary when the only function is to show where they need to stop- they will be done according to specifications

To Rich-this fall-I do not have a date

One the rails are up-the signs would be right behind them-sign is basically complete but not up

Board can anticipate all of this to be done before the snow

Agrees to the working date of completion by Thanksgiving

Mr. Elmore says that he does not have the lighting complete yet

Expense issue

Only have 4-5 nights a year planned that they need lighting

Their intention is to contain the light to the church property

Does not have an answer on the lighting /thinks there are other options available (agrees with Rich that he would like to come back to the Board possibly for this issue)

To Kris- has been told twice by building inspector that a permit is not needed for the parking lot

-lights were not coded at that time


Steve explains that he has done a site visit and reviews pictures of the parking lot and the screening

Board discusses/reviews the Site Plan, types of trees required and sizes

-proposal for top soil/mulch on all disturbed areas

-suggests re-seeding

Rich to Steve- “In your observation, what was not in compliance”

Kris explains- tape unclear, guide rails and signs are not there

Steve is in agreement

Rich-asks applicant when the guide rails will be done

-and the sign?


Steve explains guard rails are important especially in icy conditions

Rich questions applicant about lighting

Rich explains that the Board will send him a letter

Rich recommends a deadline to come back to the Board before Thanksgiving

Kris explains that this is not a Board issue/it is a compliance issue-not up to the Board

Asks Mr. Elmore if he has a building permit

Kris explains that he might need some sort of building permit possibly for electrical

The CEO enforces compliance

What is the statute for Site Plan Approval

-extend the idea of the lighting/the concept could be altered

Kris-mentions guide rails and signage-clarifies that the Board is not granting an extension-Board will look at any lighting re-submitted as an alternative but it is not the Boards decision as to a time frame

Steve- explains to Mr. Elmore

Reviews the table which indicates types of trees/size

Advises Board to take in to consideration that the parking lot is being used now

Discusses if there is a time limit on Site Plan approval

Mentions there are zoning permits



Correspondence: None


Sign Maps: Jasinski

The maps will be signed following completion of all requirements listed in the final Resolution.



Chairman Lanzarone requested a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Upon motion of Member Steve Wood, seconded by Member Todd Natale and the affirmative vote of 5 members, the negative vote of 0 members, the abstention of 0 members, and 3 members being absent the motion carries.


Vote: All Aye
Kris Lovelett Aye
Richard Lanzarone (Chairman) Aye
Steve Wood Aye
Sylvia Ricci Absent
Kathy Hawk Absent
Mary Collins (Alternate) Aye
Todd Natale Aye
Larry Ricci Absent


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Holly Behnke, Secretary