Historic Preservation Commission

The regularly scheduled HPC meeting for 1/13/2018 has been rescheduled to 1/20/2018.

Tim Hunt – Co-Chair
Anthony DiGuiseppe – Co-Chair

Town of Marbletown
P.O. Box 217
Stone Ridge , NY 12484

Historic Preservation Commission meetings are open to the public. They are held on the second Saturday of the month, 9:30 AM, at the Rondout Municipal Center, 1925 Lucas Ave., Cottekill, NY 12419. Contact Marian McCorkle, 687-0220, for further information.


Tim Hunt – Co-Chair
Anthony DiGuiseppe – Co-Chair
Marian McCorkle-Beckerman – Vice Chair
Claudine Brenner – Secretary
Harry Hansen
Brook Garrett
Bent Thomsen
Kathy Schulz
Susan Sprachman

Doug Adams – Ex Officio


Landmark Designation Application Process

Designation of Landmarks or Historic Districts of the Marbletown Heritage Preservation Law permits any individual or organization to initiate a request for the designation of a property in Marbletown as a landmark, or a group of properties in Marbletown as an historic district.

summary of the Marbletown Heritage Preservation Law is available for those interested in designating a property. If pursuing designation, it is advisable to read the complete description of the Law available under Town Code, Chapter 128.

To begin the application process, please complete the Preliminary Designation Application and submit it to the Town Clerk. The Commission will review the application at its scheduled meeting. If accepted, you will be required to submit a completed  Marbletown Landmark Application with a $50 application fee. Should your Landmark Application be accepted, the Commission will set a hearing date, notify you, and publish the notice of hearing in the Kingston Daily Freeman.

For help in completing the Marbletown Landmark Designation Application, please refer to the instructions provided in the National Register Bulletin.

Before the Code Enforcement Officer can issue a building permit to the owner of a landmarked property, an application must be submitted to the Historic Preservation Commission for review. If accepted, the Commission will issue an Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness to the owner for submission to the Building Department so that the project can move forward under the standard code enforcement procedures.

The Marbletown Historic Preservation Commission is comprised of members whose qualifications are outlined in the Qualifications for Historic Preservation Commission Members. Marbletown welcomes residents who are interested to apply.

For information regarding tax credits available for landmarked properties in Marbletown, please see the Rehabilitation Tax Credit Programs  information.


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