Where Do I Begin?

Transitioning off fossil fuels and adapting clean energy practices may certainly seem daunting. The good news is you've probably already made some positive changes already, and there are great resources and energy experts available at no cost to help you plan your next steps toward 100% renewable energy. Begin by following the steps below:

1. Sign up for the ECC newsletter here and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

2. Read What You Can Do to Reduce Your Environmental Impact and Ten Money-Saving Steps To Renewable Energy (for homeowners andn businesses).

3. Complete the  100% Renewable Energy Plan, a short self-assessment of your future energy plan.

4. Sign up for Sustainable Hudson Valley's Group Purchase Program to receive additional discounts on many energy-saving purchases. 

5. Learn more about some of the steps you can take by using resources listed on the ECC website homepage (Solar, EV's, Heat Pumps, Recycling & Composting, etc).

6. Schedule a free consultation with an energy coach here to help finalize your plan to transion to 100% renewable energy. Energy Coaches are local residents who are happy to share their knowledge and experience to help you implement your plan and take advantage of financial initiatives.

7. Share your process! Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to explore the ECC website and begin their own journey.