Project Resilience | Request for Food Assistance


If you or someone you know needs help with meals, please sign up using the link below: If you need help signing up, please reach out to us, 687-7500 ex 163 or


Project Resilience is an Ulster County-wide community partnership to bring food and other assistance to those who cannot afford it or who cannot leave home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Ulster County is partnering with United Way and many other area organizations and businesses to mobilize food and services.

If you are an Ulster County resident in need of meals, please fill out this form. Meals will be delivered to local distribution centers, with home delivery to those who need it organized from there. If you know someone without internet access in need of this program, please assist them to fill out this form.

NOTE: This service is not for individuals or households with a Mandatory or Precautionary Quarantine in place. There is another meal service available for these cases. Please call the Ulster County COVID19 Hotline at 845-443-8888 to make arrangements if there is an official quarantine in place.

If you need assistance other than food, please indicate your needs on Question 10 below.

We will make every effort to meet your needs as requested below. If you are new to the list, it may take several days until you receive a delivery. Please fill out this form only once. If you have questions, contact us at the email address listed on the Ulster County Project Resilience website. Also, there is a separate form to update your information or remove yourself from this list, please use that form as appropriate.