Building Safety and Code Enforcement

Dave Allen

Code Enforcement Officer
(845) 687-7500 ext 3

Town of Marbletown
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 217, Stone Ridge, NY  12484
Physical Address:  Rondout Municipal Center, 1925 Lucas Ave., Cottekill, NY

Annette Intravaia – Administrative Assistant
(845) 687-7500 ext 167

Amanda Carlson – Clerk

845-687-7500, ext. 166

Office Hours

7:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday


The Town of Marbletown requires permits for indoor,outdoor,structural, or major changes made to the living area of your home. The permit process ensures that minimum safety standards are met and that construction meets local zoning requirements. Building codes are standardized, but each building department has their own specific regulations and procedures. Make sure you understand local regulations before proceeding with a major improvement project.

If you have questions you can contact our office by email or phone during business hours. We are here to help you.
When do you need a permit? Permits are typically required for the following, but check with the Building Dept if you have any questions before construction begins:


  • New Construction / Residences / Additions / Renovations / Alterations
  • Barns / Carports / Driveway Curb Cuts (Town Roads Only)
  • Decks / Electrical / Roofs /Patios / Porches
  • Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs (above ground, in-ground, inflatable)
  • Demolitions / Plumbing /Generators /Solar
  • Mechanical systems / Temporary Structures
  • Fences / Walls / Garages
  • Storage Sheds
  • Fireplaces / Furnaces / Chimneys / Wood, Coal, Pellet stoves
  • Oil tanks / Boilers
  • Anything Commercial

2017 FEE SCHEDULE Fee Schedule final revised adopted 060617

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Electrical Underwriters

Code Links

Town Code

State Code



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