Planning & Zoning Committee

The Planning and Zoning Committee (PZC)  serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Board, and membership is by appointment of the Town Board. This committee was established in 1997 and is authorized to research community planning and zoning issues.

The committee's first significant project was to conduct a town wide opinion poll to determine community preferences on a wide range of planning topics. The resulting survey data formed the basis for prioritizing issues and helped assure the success of PZC initiatives.

Major accomplishments include research that led to the subsequent adoption of standards and guidelines for commercial building design, adult entertainment uses and telecommunication facilities. The PZC also helped bring local regulation of agricultural uses into conformance with the State Agricultural and Markets Law, and participated in hosting the Marbletown Visioning Workshop Series in 2000 and 2002. The PZC also helped research and provided input into a substantial revision of Marbletown's subdivision codes to incorporate state-of-the-art Conservation Design principles.

Meetings are open to the public and meet every second Wednesday of the month at 8:30am at the Rondout Municipal Center in Room M-15.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Committee Members

Name Title
Will Husta Chairperson, ZBA Representative
Maggie Colan Secretary
Dan Proctor Planning Board Representative
Town Board
Tom Konrad ECC Representative
Harry Hansen Historic Commission Representative
Scott Davis Engineer
Attorney As Needed
Laurel Sweeney Community Member
Stacy Sindt Community Member
Alan Harari Community Member
Roy Carlin Community Member
Gary Johnson Community Member