Town Clerk / Tax Collector

The Town Clerk / Tax Collector's Office is considered by many to be the center of Town Government and often provides the initial contact that residents have with local government. The Clerk's Office is responsible for recording the business of Town government and also serves as a repository for a wide variety of Town documents. Historically, the Town Clerk is the Records Officer for the Town in addition to performing many other tasks that are required by State and local law or by direction of the Town Board. Some of the functions of this office includes issuance of dog licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, permits to use the Town Transfer and Recycling Station, parking permits for the disabled, and marriage licenses.

In Marbletown the Town Clerk is also the Tax Collector and the Registrar of Vital Statistics.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Heather Moody Town Clerk / Tax Collector / Registrar / Records Management Officer (845) 687-7500 ext. 160
Joyce Cain Deputy Town Clerk / Tax Collector (845) 687-7500 ext. 162
Helen Jaffer Deputy Town Clerk / Tax Collector (845) 687-7500 ext. 161