Current Projects

Current committee projects include developing a process for integrating Marbletown various research studies and plans, as well as to guide the development of an appropriate and sustainable economic development plan to compliment the Town Plan, Natural Heritage/Open Space Plan and the Farmland Protection Plan to implement suggested changes to the Town Zoning Laws.

In the spring of 2009, the Marbletown Sustainable Economic Development Task Force was formed by the PZC to create a plan for strengthening the commercial hamlets of High Falls and Stone Ridge. The Town received a $10,000 grant for this project from the Hudson River Valley Greenway. Task force members include: Will Husta (Chair), Tim Sweeney, Peter Reynolds, Pat Clarke, Mike Warren, Bobbi Esmark, Ev Mann, Peter Reynolds, Don LaFera, Shannon Schreibman, Rod Basten, Bill Oliva, Ann Marrott, Daisy Foote, Pam Kimmerling-Hoveling, Mike Warren, and Brooke Pickering-Cole.