About the ZBA

All applications must have a completed/approved Zoning Permit prior to submission. The Zoning Board of Appeals makes determinations on Special Use Permits, Area and Use Variances, Appeals and Interpretations. All applications and required documents must be received no later than two weeks and one day prior to scheduled meeting to be put on the agenda.

Upon submission of a complete application, each applicant will be assigned a member of the ZBA who will be the lead reviewer for that application. The Lead person will be the primary member to facilitate the review of the application.

The review process is:

  • Completed Zoning Permit approved by Code Enforcement Officer (CEO).
  • Submit completed application.
  • Initial meeting for classification and review under the State Environmental Review Act (SEQRA) and schedule the public hearing.
  • Public hearing held (usually the second meeting).
  • Once the Board determines they have sufficient information for a Determination, the public hearing will be closed.
  • The Board has 62 days from the close of the public hearing to make a Determination.
  • The Determination is filed with the Town Clerk, sent to the Applicant and to the Building/safety office.
  • Applicants must then follow up with the Building/Safety office to complete any necessary building modifications required as a result of the approval.